Your traffic plan – article marketing

I’ve brought up article marketing a few times during the course.
Not only because it is simple but also very effective. If you
follow the plan carefully, it is a guarantee that you will get
qualified traffic from this strategy alone.

As an article marketer with thousands of articles distributed
across the web, I rely on article marketing to bring me
subscribers and sales. The traffic is really that good.

And I want to share it with you today. Rest assured, if you think
this strategy is not your cup of tea, I have a few other plans in
the next few lessons. But really, out of those, I prefer article
marketing because:

1. The visitors are responsive
2. Traffic will keep growing

You see, the lazy part of me tells me I should jump on a strategy
that allows me to leverage what I have and what I create. Better
still, it will work for you without you being there.

Article marketing fits perfectly into this picture.

The leverage factor in article marketing
Let me elaborate a bit.

As a blogger, you are already a content producer. You already
have knowledge about what your topic. That’s a kind of leverage.
You take what you know and turn it into pieces that people could

So that’s the first leverage. The second one involves
re-purposing what you already have into smaller bits of content,
i.e. articles.

Tell you what, articles rarely are the last content format too.
You can leverage it even further if you wish. So none of your
time will be wasted. You can use content in many ways throughout
your blogging business.


Article marketing crash course
Believe it or not. I can tell you the basic principles of article
marketing in 5 minutes. The rest is really about doing it.

As you gain experience, you will find ways how it may work better
for your niche by yourself. The first part is exciting, but the
latter is the real challenge where most article marketers fail.

Recall that in previous lesson about traffic blueprint, I already
mentioned about the core of the strategy. Rather than repeating
it here, I’ll dig deeper and lay out a plan specific to one

Are you ready? Here are the keys to article marketing:

1. Strong headline or title
2. Compelling opening paragraph
3. Engaging and informative content
4. Make the readers want more
5. Invite them back to your site

That’s it. If you apply them to your article, there is no way you
can’t get result.

Walk in the reader’s shoes for a mile
What if you are your own customer or client? Try this scenario
once. You will be amazed how article writing and marketing become
crystal clear about this.

As what a typical user do, you search on Google or Yahoo with a
keyword relevant to your problem. You see an article. That’s one
way to discover an article.

Perhaps you are browsing in article directory in the specific
category in your niche. You browse around and find a bunch of
articles related to the topic. That’s another way to discover
your article.

What makes you click on one artiicle but not others? First and
foremost, it has to be very relevant to your problem. The article
also has to be compelling, either demonstrate that it understands
your problem, or it contains solution you want to know about.

So that produces a click.

The next step is reading the first paragraph. Unless the first
paragraph promises something you really want, you will click the
back button on the browser. Lesson: make your first paragraph
interesting, promise something you will deliver later, put most
important content here.

As you continue reading – assuming the first paragraph is good –
you are seeking for solutions delivered in an interesting content
package. There’s nothing that lets you lose readers faster than
boring content.

There are many ways to make article more interesting. One way is
to use story. You may also use concise and straight to the point
format, such as bullet points.

When you come to the last paragraph, that’s the point where
readers decide to stop reading or keep looking for the next step.
If you make it obvious that your article is over, or you offer
everything in one article, the readers will say “thanks” and
continue their pursuit.

On the other hand, if you give good information, but make the
readers feel you have much more to offer, they will keep reading
and see what you have to offer.

In the resource box of the article, that is your chance to invite
readers back to your site. What makes you jump on an offer? Think
about it hard, and then create it.

As the readers click and come to your site, it is up to you to
convert them into subscribers or customers. I suggest a milder

Shower them with even more information. Give away an e-book or
special report. Keep in touch. Demonstrate your expertise.

Email subscribers are potentially repeat visitors. Studies have
shown that you also have to touches the readers at least 5-7
times before they will make buying decision.

All of these are natural process, what most people go through
before buying a product or service.

As you see, article marketing is a powerful method to fill in the
gap and get the visitors to follow your lead. No need to shout
louder, just offer what they want and show the way.

Best of all you can start with no cost and do it yourself.

From strategy to plan
The next question is, of course, how to translate the strategy
into action plans.

All the above may sound too easy. But still you need to apply it
consistently to produce growing result.

Successful article marketers write hundreds, if not thousands, of
articles. You should aim for a hundred at first. I will not be
surprised if you suddenly set goals for 1,000 after reaching the
first hundred.

That’s what happens when you get into the flow and getting the

The only way to do it painlessly is to make it a consistent

Make it a plan to write every day. Learn tactics on how to write
faster and better.

Remember that with article marketing, you only need 100 visitors
a day, a good landing page* that converts at 10 percent, to get
10 subscribers a day. Some of them will become your loyal readers
and fan. It is an excellent way to build your blog readership

*) A landing page simply is a page that the readers see after
clicking on your offer in the article resource box.

And that’s not hard at all if you compare to other traffic

A recap on the article marketing plan
Here’s a recap on what you should put on the traffic plan
specific to article marketing:

1. Article writing
2. Article submission
3. Landing page optimization

What you do beyond the landing page is up to you. The topic
regarding sales process is really out of the scope of this
course, but they are as important as the marketing part. So make
sure you optimize that too to convert more of the leads to

Yours in success,
Hendry Lee

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