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XML Articles by Darla Ferrara

After completing this tutorial, you will understand the basics of XML, how to create a valid and well-formed document and create DTDs, Schemas and XSLT documents. XML is a complex tool, but with this class you’ll be well on your way to understanding it.

What is XML?

A description of the Extensible Markup Language (XML) that covers history, initial concept, development of subsets and applications to guide you through an understanding of this markup language.

What is XSL

XML by itself is not terribly useful. You must develop formatting files that present the data contained by XML. It is essential to understand the difference between these two structures before beginning to learn XML.

XML Language and Structures Glossary

XML is a family of languages and structures that will help develop your pages. This is an effective tool that gives you a peek at the technology behind XML and the possibilities it offers. Use this page as a reference as you increase your XML knowledge.

The Declaration Statement and Root Element

The first step to creating a file in XML is to make a declaration statement and define the root element. This tutorial will walk you through the basic rules of creating these two essential components.

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