Tool required for Web Designer

There is no reason you can’t become a professional freelance Web designer without knowing any of these skills. But keep them in the back of your mind. Perhaps they are something you’ll think about learning as you’re doing design for your current clients, so that you can expand your business later.


JavaScript makes Web pages more dynamic, and one of the biggest advantages to it is that it doesn’t require any special server components. Nearly every Web browser supports JavaScript these days, and knowing at least a little can only help your business. You may also get clients who want you to know DHTML or Ajax – these are both variations of JavaScript.


Flash is much more than just animation, and many companies want the dynamic and stylistic details that only Flash can provide. If you are a Flash expert, you’ll have a powerful draw to your design firm.

Web writing

Knowing how to write for the Web can be a handy skill to have in your freelancing business. You can write for your own website as well as your clients. And you’d be surprised how many clients don’t realize that Web designers don’t usually provide the content along with the designs.

SEO or Search Engine Optimization

Like Web writing, if you know SEO, you can help improve your own site as well as your clients’. Even if you don’t offer SEO-specific services in your business, knowing how to create SEO friendly websites will make your sites more effective, which will improve your value.

Web Programming

Languages like PHP, ASP, JSP, or ColdFusion are getting more and more popular. If you know how to write in one or more of these languages, you’ll give your business an edge.

CMS or Blogging Tools

If you can give your customers a blog or CMS to manage their site, you’ll have more work. And many freelance Web designers make a lot of money just building templates for blogs and CMS’s that they then sell.

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