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Javascript Tutorials

[yt]uUhOEj4z8Fo[/yt] Lecture Series on Internet Technologies by Prof. I. Sengupta, Department of Computer Science Engineering, IIT Kharagpur.

Javascript and jQuery

[yt]GKfHdOrR3lw[/yt] JavaScript is a misunderstood language. While it, seemingly, doesn’t contain the libraries or abstraction of Java or the terse flexibility of Scheme, it offers serious advantages to skilled developers. Combining a functional style with prototypal inheritance JavaScript is arguably the most widely deployed language of either type. Considering that virtually every computer user has […]

Introduction to JavaScript and Browser DOM

[yt]ljNi8nS5TtQ[/yt] Presented by Misko Hevery. If you are new to JavaScript and would like to understand how JavaScript works behind the scenes, than this talk is for you. We will look at the core philosophy behind JavaScript objects and how the primitives can be used to build up basic OO concepts such as Classes and […]

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