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Enhancing Your Web Forms

Once you understand the more advanced tags for forms, you can enhance the look using CSS and manipulating the form tags with that. There are also fun ways to use JavaScript to manage and manipulate your forms. Use CSS to Improve the Look of Your Forms CSS is a great way to make your forms […]

Dress up your form with Form Tags

Forms can be pretty boring looking. Most designers simply line up the text fields one after the other, or put them in tables. All of which are fine, but you can do more with forms than just slapping the tags up on a page. There Are Lots of Other Form Tags The LABEL Tag The […]

HTML Forms class > Lesson 2 – Mailto Forms and Multiple Page Forms

By Jennifer Kyrnin: Get Full tutorial here. Now we enter the more difficult part of the course – making your forms work. Unfortunately, HTML doesn’t really have any built-in tools or functions to make forms work, for that you have to use programming. But there is a way to use the mailto option, generally found […]

HTML Forms class > Lesson 1 – Basics of HTML Forms

Building a form page is the first step to putting up an HTML form. In order to build a form, you need to have a Web page to put it in. The FORM tag is the basis of all HTML forms. If you don’t have a <form> tag, then you don’t have a form. Don’t […]

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