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Watch your friends location on Google Map

Now you can see the geographic location of your facebook friends on Google Map with For this you have to simply connect your facebook account with apps. Your friends location will be visible by map pins by hovering over them will show you the location details. If you like the post & want […]

Where To Change Facebook Application Settings

Facebook likes changes, and it always changes whether you like or not. Some times facebook application posted some unwanted message on your wall, also these apps have the permission to use your data & you are totally unaware of that. One uncomfortable change for me is that Facebook remove the Application Settings item in the […]

5 Facebook safety Tips

These days, Facebook may be the single best way online to keep in touch with friends, associates, far-flung family members, and people with similar interests. But if you’re not careful, it’s probably also the site most likely to get you into trouble. Virtually every week, there’s another news report about employers using Facebook to evaluate […]

Five Ways To Use Facebook To Promote Your Site

Facebook has taken social networking by storm over the past three years, growing to become one of the most used sites on the Internet, both from a new user point of view and a returning visitor rate as well. Facebook brings together many millions of people who all connect, share information, photos, events and pretty […]

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