Show custom message to user from google or any other site

Welcome your users with a custom message when they come from a special site. This way, you’ll have a more interactive & personal site. Surely your user will like it & you can make your site more user friendly like give you a digg when they came from or display some related links of your site , if they come from Google.

// Get the server HTTP Referer
$referral = $_SERVER[‘HTTP_REFERER’];

// All to lowercase
$referral = strtolower($referral);

// Only get the referral website
preg_match(“/^(http:\/\/)?([^\/]+)/i”, $referral, $result);
$referral = $result[2];

// Remove subdomain from the Referer
$referral = explode (“.”, $referral);
$i = count($referral);
$referral = $referral[$i-2] . “.” . $referral[$i-1];

// Remove www. from the Referer
if (substr ($referral, 0, 4) == “www.”)
$referral = substr (“$referral”, 4);

if ($referral == “”)
echo “Hey! You just came from google by searching $_GET[‘q’].”;

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