Designing Your Website

Web design is different from print design, but a lot of the principles of design apply to both media. Like yesterday’s lesson about HTML and CSS, there is way more to Web design than can be covered by one email lesson. This message is meant to get you started on some of the basics and […]

The CSS Box Model

The CSS box model describes the rectangular boxes that surround content in Web pages (seen and unseen). The CSS box model describes the boxes that are formed around elements of content in a Web page. Every element in a Web page is in a box or is a box, even if it’s an image of […]

Freelance Web Designer Contracts

Contracts Yet if you don’t have a contract you’re selling your business short and may have lots of problems getting paid or getting more work than you thought you would be doing. The first three articles in this lesson explain how to write a Web design contract. The last three are some stories from other […]

Design for more traffic with flagship contents

The sole purpose of the exercise is to divide your blog topic into compartments or silos. And all of those without even messing with your blog yet. Yes, I firmly believe the sequence is correct. It should be in this exact order. Blog software, as it turns out, is just a tool. People rarely bring […]

Blogging Startup things

It usually takes tens of pages to go through blog software selection. And if you want to be accurate, that’s what you should do. However, most people don’t really need to spend hours upon hours to assess which type of blog software to use. Yes, 99.9 percent of the time, WordPress can satisfy your need. […]

Json Tutorial for beginners

What does it stand for? JavaScript Object Notation. And what does that mean? JSON is a syntax for passing around objects that contain name/value pairs, arrays and other objects. Here’s a tiny scrap of JSON: {“skillz”: { “web”:[ {“name”: “html”, “years”: “5” }, {“name”: “css”, “years”: “3” }], “database”:[ {“name”: “sql”, “years”: “7” }] }} […]

Get Ready, Facebook Phones Are Coming

Is the Facebook phone coming? At the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona today, Mark Zuckerberg said Facebook won’t release a single phone but will instead “help roll out dozens of phones with ‘much deeper social integration than we have so far’” (via LA Times Technology). HTC has just rolled out two of these phones, which […]

Analytics are your friends

A lot of people suffer from the fear of technology. What’s on your mind when you read the word ‘analytics?’ While that sounds a bit scary, it really is not. In fact, soon you will learn that analytics tools are your friends. And they are not that hard at all. ======================================= Tracking your subscribers ======================================= […]

Blog content architecture

Whether you realize it or not, choices leave people confused when what they actually need is direction. Do you know that a restaurant with too many items in the menu may actually hurt rather than help? Heck it actually results in inferior quality on the plates. With too many choices not only that the customers […]

Where To Change Facebook Application Settings

Facebook likes changes, and it always changes whether you like or not. Some times facebook application posted some unwanted message on your wall, also these apps have the permission to use your data & you are totally unaware of that. One uncomfortable change for me is that Facebook remove the Application Settings item in the […]

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