Who owns your blog?

A bit unusual question, eh? Of course, you own your blog. Or do you? Before giving you some food for thought, let us review what you have learned so far. You started by setting the right expectations. The whole mindset thing. Some people hate it, but it is utmost critical for the success of your […]

PHP Object Oriented Programming Concepts

Starting with PHP 5, the object model was rewritten to allow for better performance and more features. This was a major change from PHP 4. PHP 5 has a full object model. Among the features in PHP 5 are the inclusions of visibility, abstract and final classes and methods, additional magic methods, interfaces, cloning and […]

List of 55 Common Mysql Interview Questions

What are the advantages of Mysql comparing with oracle? Which version of MySQL supports Subquery? What is SERIAL data type in MySQL? Explain about database design? How to display nth highest record in a table for example?How to display 4th highest (salary) record from customer table? What does “tee” command do in MySQL? How we […]

Your traffic plan – article marketing

I’ve brought up article marketing a few times during the course. Not only because it is simple but also very effective. If you follow the plan carefully, it is a guarantee that you will get qualified traffic from this strategy alone. As an article marketer with thousands of articles distributed across the web, I rely […]

iPad2 launched – Should I upgrade?

As expected, Apple launched the second generation iPad in an event in San Francisco. [yt]Z_d6_gbb90I[/yt] So whats for you in next generation iPad: Lot thinner and lighter Faster processor Delivers 10 hours of battery life Two cameras – one for video calling and other for recording video Two colors – black and white Brilliant device […]

Blogging – Work less, produce more?

Blogging is fun and who doesn’t want to do it full time, right? Think about it for a moment. That was exactly my thought. Around that time, a lot of tactics and strategies have not been invented. However, there were already a few role models to follow. Most of them churned out 3-6 blog posts […]

10 common WordPress plugins

Plugins are an easy way to extend WordPress. If what you want to achieve is common, and it is not part of the core, chances are people already create a plugin for that. That’s one of the benefits of running a popular blog engine. Before you continue, it is important to keep in mind that […]

Watch your friends location on Google Map

Now you can see the geographic location of your facebook friends on Google Map with WhereMyFriends.be. For this you have to simply connect your facebook account with WhereMyFriends.be apps. Your friends location will be visible by map pins by hovering over them will show you the location details. If you like the post & want […]

PHP Interview Questions & Answers

This pdf file is loaded with common PHP interview question. This is collected from various sources. You can download it Free. Also you can check your PHP knowledge by just answering the questions. If you have any other source of interview question please share with us so that we can put on our site to […]

Don’t Try to Fool the Search Engines

One way that some people try to get better ranking is by fooling the search engines. They might do something as simple as putting white text on a white background so that the text appears in the HTML but doesn’t show up on the Web page. But this is a very bad idea. Most search […]

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