Mozilla Launches Firefox 4 – Whats new for you

Mozilla has released much awaited Firefox 4 version. Its incredibly fast, secure, loads pages & graphics faster. Mozilla has now mainly concentrated on user friendliness. The tabs are arranged on the top to focus on the site content. Menu items are combined in a single button on the left. Home button is rearranged in the […]

Amazing Jquery Examples – 9lessons Blog maintained by Srinivas Tamada, full of useful information related to jQuery javascript library, Ajax, Javascript, CSS, PHP, Mysql, Java, Open source Technologies, APIs, Programming, Technology & great tips. This blog is very good source of information for beginners as well as for advanced, specially in case of jQuery tutorials. The best thing […]

Here’s your blog traffic blueprint (part 2)

Today’s lesson picks up where it left off. So I’ve talked about how you should plan and approach your traffic building strategies. Pick your own battle and build the whole thing around it. You will get more from less. As I’m writing this, the myriad number of choices confuse me. I want to give a […]

Here’s your blog traffic blueprint (part 1)

Never start a traffic campaign with every strategies you know exist. PR, for instance, is a full-time work. I’m amazed why people think as if they can beat a professional PR agency who have spent decades of doing this by reading an e-book about the topic. Worst of all, they spend half an hour in […]

Mysql Left Join in Three tables

Lets assume we have to fetch data from three table a users (PK user_id) b departments c user_details department & user_details table have users department & user detailed information respectively & inter related with user_id select, b.dept, c.project from users a left join departments b on a.user_id = b.user_id left join user_details c on […]

XML Interview Questions and Answers

The Extensible Markup Language (XML) is a general-purpose specification for creating custom markup languages. It is classified as an extensible language, because it allows the user to define the mark-up elements. XML’s purpose is to aid information systems in sharing structured data. Download the XML Interview Questions and Answers Pdf file

JSON Tutorials

JSON (JavaScript Object Notation), is a lightweight data-interchange format. It is easy for humans to read and write. It is easy for machines to parse and generate. It is used by many other technologies like PHP and Java for data interchange format over the Internet. What is JSON? JSON is ultra-weight data interchange data format […]

Run a cron job more than every minute

The standard cron syntax lets you specify the minute(s) at which a task runs, but you cannot specify an interval less than once a minute (using * * * * * *). You can run a cron job more than by a minute by creating a simple shell script that repeatedly runs the task, with […]

Cron Job Configuration Guide

Cron Jobs basic setup via Cpanel. Some time you need to run a peace of code on specific time interval. Cron Jobs module is used for this work. This can be done by adding the following line via Cpanel/Cron Jobs: /usr/local/bin/php /home/your-site-root-dir/public_html/cron-file.php Wget Method * * * * *   wget -q -O – ‘’ […]

Content is king, or is it?

You might wonder why don’t I go straight to the “how to” information about how to produce content methodologically and quickly. In fact, some people ask me whenever I explain the why. But rest assured none of these are a waste of time. I have gone through and seen people struggling through the whole blogging […]

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