List of 55 Common Mysql Interview Questions

  1. mysql-iconWhat are the advantages of Mysql comparing with oracle?
  2. Which version of MySQL supports Subquery?
  3. What is SERIAL data type in MySQL?
  4. Explain about database design?
  5. How to display nth highest record in a table for example?How to display 4th highest (salary) record from customer table?
  6. What does “tee” command do in MySQL?
  7. How we can count duplicate entery in particular table against Primary Key ? What are constraints?
  8. Explain about the rules which should be followed while assigning a username?
  9. How do you control the max size of a HEAP table?
  10. When is a declare statement needed ?
  11. How to connect mysql from jsp(Java Server Page)?
  12. Explain about MyISAM table?
  13. Explain federated tables
  14. What are some good ideas regarding user security in MySQL?
  15. Describe the use of PL/SQL tables
  16. Explain about creating database?
  17. Explain about HEAP table?
  18. Explain the difference between mysql and mysqli interfaces in PHP?
  19. State two considerations which can improve the performance of MYSQL?
  20. Describe the use of %ROWTYPE and %TYPE in PL/SQL
  21. How many drivers in MYSQL?
  22. What happens when we don?t use Console option?
  23. What packages (if any) has Oracle provided for use by developers?
  24. Can you save your connection settings to a conf file?
  26. How MySQL is different from SQL?
  27. Explain the difference between MyISAM Static and MyISAM Dynamic
  28. What are CSV tables?
  30. How do you configure mysql on linux
  31. How do you start MySQL on Linux?
  32. Explain about normalization?
  33. Use mysqldump to create a copy of the database?
  34. What happens when the column is set to AUTO INCREMENT and you reach the maximum value for that table?
  35. How do you change a password for an existing user via mysqladmin?
    Explain some of the uses of MYSQL?
  36. Explain about MYSQL and its features?
  37. What are HEAP tables in MySQL?
  38. Explain about primary keys?
  39. State some of the disadvantages present in MYSQL?
  40. How to create MYSQL new users?
  41. What does myisamchk do?
  42. Explain about the time stamp field?
  43. What are the advantages of mysql comparing with oracle?
  44. State some security recommendations while using MYSQL?
  45. How to see the database architecture in MySQL?
  46. How do you use Outer Join in MySQL
  47. How will retrieve nth level categories from one query in mysql ?
  48. What is the Oracle rowid counterpart in MySQL?
  49. Explain the difference between BOOL, TINYINT and BIT.
  50. what is difference between candidate key and primary key
  51. Explain about a security flaw which is present while creating a username?
  52. What are the limitations of mysql in Comparison of Oracle?
  53. What happens if a table has one column defined as TIMESTAMP?
  54. How do you start and stop MySQL on Windows?
  55. State some of the features of MYSQL?

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