How You Write Your HTML Can Affect SEO

The HTML tags that you use can affect your SEO. The first thing you should think about is that search engine robots are a lot like very simple Web browsers. Most of them can’t view images, can’t see Flash, and ignore any non-standard HTML. So when you’re working on SEO the first thing you want to have is a page with valid HTML, valid CSS, and accessible HTML. Then you should worry about things like position of your content and HTML inside of frames.

Using an HTML Validator

Learn to use an HTML validator to create perfect HTML that displays as you expect it to.

Web Page Validators

This page includes validators for HTML, CSS, RSS, and P3P.

Accessible HTML

Learn how to make your Web pages more usable for people with disabilities.

Validating for Accessibility

There is a great HTML validator available for checking your site to see if it is accessible. Learn when and why to use it.

Your Layout Can Impact your SEO

The order of your HTML can make a big difference in the placement of your pages in search engines. This is because search engines read HTML in a linear fashion, and whatever content comes first is given slightly higher importance by the search engines. So your layout can affect how your site ranks in search engines. By using a CSS layout to put your content layer first in the HTML, you can get better rankings.

Frames and Search Engines

Frames can make your site harder to find in search engines, but they really aren’t that incompatible if you’re careful.

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