Here’s your blog traffic blueprint (part 2)

Today’s lesson picks up where it left off. So I’ve talked about
how you should plan and approach your traffic building
strategies. Pick your own battle and build the whole thing around
it. You will get more from less.

As I’m writing this, the myriad number of choices confuse me. I
want to give a solid example that could represent a lot of facet
of traffic campaign, preferably one that allow you to understand
the underlying principles. The final point is critical, as you
want to adapt it to your own strategy.

After a bit of thought. I decided to pick article marketing. Not
only because it is quite simple – yet with many aspects of
details – but because it also builds from the lessons you’ve
learned so far. Article marketing has the SEO benefits, which is
necessary if you want to build blog authority.

Best of all, you could use this even when you are just beginning
to build your traffic. And do it without actually spending your
hard-earned money, if you choose not to.

Answering the “why” question
Never shoot in the dark. Even though you don’t have a perfect
understanding of the strategy yet, you should at least know what
it is about.

Spend some time on research. Read what you find and really think
about how you could use it in your own blog. Books and courses
could be of help during this phase.

Your goal is to come up with a few critical points about the
strategy. Something that it can’t live without if you want to get
any kind of result. You need to develop an understanding here so
you know where to spend your time.

One way to do this is by answering the “why” question along the
way for the strategy and then for each point that you come up

Determining critical moving parts
After that, write down the core of the strategy. For article
marketing, the list is as follow:

1. Write articles consistently
2. Use powerful titles and call to actions
3. Know your keywords
4. Distribute the articles well
5. Build a web page (landing page) displaying an offer
6. Constantly optimize the page to improve conversion

If you really want to get the most out of your time and effort,
those points above are just the bare minimum. You can’t remove
any point above without hurting the strategy. But you could skip
some parts that are not compulsory for now.

For instance, I didn’t mention about re-purposing content at all,
but it is possible if you want to take it a step further.

Still, they already cover most of the ground. With proper
execution, you will definitely kick off your blog traffic. And
that’s all what you care right now.

Integrate those activities into your schedule
One of the biggest mistakes made by new article marketers is
underestimating the time commitment. If this is the first time
you write an article, don’t expect to finish one in 10 minutes.

My first article took me half a day. I learned later the problem
has nothing to do with writing, but the fact that I sabotaged
myself into moving forward by always editing before its time. I
also was hesitant to write unless the next sentence was perfect,
at least in my world.

Over time as I learned what not to do – and oftentimes it was a
silly little thing – then everything would start working. It was
like finding the flow.

You probably don’t believe this. At that time, writing an article
a week was too difficult for me. Now I could write 20 articles in
a few consecutive hours. And do it every day without fail.

The key is to start slowly and become one with the flow. This may
sound harder when you read it. If you are consistent about it,
you will find that it’s not that hard at all.

Optimizing for speed
As you need to produce articles consistently, it pays if you
could work faster. Everyone is different, but once you get it
going, you need to determine your weak points and optimize them.

People may tell you not to focus on your weakness. However, even
if you don’t know how to build a web page and optimize it for
conversion, it helps a lot if you learn how to do it well.

With a blog, the process can’t be easier. And you could use the
skills you’ve learned forever. In this case, hiring others might
help you save a bit of time right now but really slow you down in
the future.

Most of the time, except article submission, you may want to do
everything yourself. And if you are satisfied by getting 80
percent of the total traffic from your articles, all you need is
to submit to one article directory.

I hope you see how it works. Once you identify which is really
important and which point really slows you down, you can work on
it to improve it.

The more you practice, the faster you could work through it. And
the more articles you produce, the more traffic you drive to your

Maximize first, diversify later
Article marketers often underestimate the traffic they could
drive with articles. They tend to think after a while that they
have reached the ceiling. And start to look elsewhere to grow
their blog even more.

But if you really look at it, there is no actual limit in article
marketing. They just need to do things differently to unleash the
potential further.

Here’s the fact: It is much faster to get more visitors from the
same strategy if you try, then to begin a new traffic strategy…

I don’t recommend against diversifying your traffic sources. Just
that you may not want to jump ship too quickly. That’s like
leaving a bunch of “money” on the table.

What’s coming in the next module
It is impossible to give you a complete strategy in a module. But
based on what you’ve learned so far, you should now right now how
to research keywords and optimize your articles accordingly.

Article marketing is a solid strategy that you could use to
jumpstart your traffic. The fact that it needs time and
consistency to do it right is a benefit. That means more people
will give up. Don’t let this happen to you.

No matter which traffic strategy it is, stick with it. Find ways
to make it work. It is always a good idea to start with a simple
one though.

In the next installment, you will learn about building
relationships with your blog. It is one of the most important
things you could do with a blog. After all, that is why blogging
is so revolutionary.

You will enjoy it.

Hendry Lee (

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