Here’s your blog traffic blueprint (part 1)

Never start a traffic campaign with every strategies you know

PR, for instance, is a full-time work. I’m amazed why people
think as if they can beat a professional PR agency who have spent
decades of doing this by reading an e-book about the topic. Worst
of all, they spend half an hour in it every day.

Name a traffic strategy. Whether it is article marketing, SEO,
pay per click, microblogging, social networking, you name it. The
same thing applies. The devil is always in the detail.

I don’t do this to discourage you. I just think you should know
the truth. It will save you a lot of time and keep disappointment

You should carefully plan and think about how you are going to
implement each traffic strategy. Once you get a hold of it, and
only by then, you should consider the next strategy.

(But you know what, some of you probably won’t believe me until
you experience it yourself… so good luck with that. Don’t say I
didn’t warn you.)

So how do you start driving traffic to your blog? The rest of
this module, and then a few more in the future, show you a bunch
of traffic methods. Now, let me start by showing you a blog
traffic blueprint. You could either adopt this or copy it
verbatim for your blog.

Typical day in the life of a blogger
A lot of people think it is helpful to know how a typical day of
a professional blogger looks like. So here’s what I do throughout
the day.

At 7am, I wake up. As I seldom drink coffee, I start the day with
two glasses of water before doing a bit of an exercise. This
sometimes includes mental exercise and the whole visualization
thing to get me into the right mindset and mood.

After taking a shower and eating solid breakfast, I’m ready to

My blogging time is around 9 to 11.30 am. Blogging is the first
main task of the day so that even if something out of the plan
happens, I already have a significant work done.

After lunch, from 1 to 4 pm, I focus on product creation. Yes,
another content creation activity. Although I sometimes write an
outline for an e-book or course in the morning, most of the
writing and recording are done doing this period of time.

I also sneak in a few tweets. Reading, responding and posting.
That kind of thing.

Around 4 pm, I feed my two red-eared sliders. And spend some time
watching them. It is always a fun time during this 30-40 minutes

Because I work at home and take a few small breaks in the day, I
also work long hours past 5pm.

Next I’ll pick yet another article idea for guest blogging. If
I’m working for a longer post that requires a lot of research,
the next one or one and a half hour is when I move the project

I usually spend two 30-minute blocks per day for email, just
before lunch and dinner.

So starting at 7pm, I have my dinner and enjoy the rest of the

Working hard and fast
Observe any successful blogger. They are working the hardest of
all when they got started. And when they are not in the position
where they are, they need to work even harder.

I heard some people argue about outsourcing. But that also
requires a skill of its own.

Think it is easy to hire writers? Think again. If you’ve ever had
posted a job ad, got a bunch of replies, were happy with your two
new writers, and all of the sudden they disappeared without any
news, you know what I’m saying.

There are challenges in everything. Even when you hire people,
you need to motivate and manage. Just like a good leader do. If
leadership is your challenge, then good luck with that.

The only reason bloggers are able to work less and achieve more
is because they have earned it. They usually work very
efficiently and fast.

If it takes an average writer two hours to finish an article,
perhaps for the blogger, she may be able to do it in less than an
hour. But again, she might choose to work on other parts of her
business instead of soaking up the sun.

Hint: It is the topic you enjoy doing, isn’t it?

Prioritize, prioritize, prioritize…
You don’t have to follow my working schedule. In fact, everyone
should be different. Your blog may not require that you produce
as much content. Perhaps if you update once in a week, your
readers will be more than happy about it.

However, it is still necessary that you know how to prioritize so
you know what to do with your time.

Even if you only have two hours a day to work on your blog, I can
guarantee that you will make progress if you divide your time
into segments of activities, and within the right proportion.

The first segment is content production. I talk about this in
quite detail in a few modules. It is the currency of every blog.
The more content you have out there, the more ways people can
find you. You also have the flexibility to re-purpose content
later for different purposes, including making money with it.

Another part that is just as critical is promotion. Use part of
your content creatively to build your blog authority, “steal”
visitors from other blogs, drive traffic from article
directories, and so on.

An example will help. If you plan to promote your business with a
free e-book, the e-book creation part is content production. You
still have to find places to build awareness about your e-book.

Remember, some bloggers fail because they are good at the
production stage, but not distribution. Both are necessary. It
may involve quite a bit of work. That’s why TV stations focus on
distribution while movie studios are the producers of the
content. At the niche blog level, they are both doable by an
individual, but don’t leave one behind. Do both!

Finally, you also have administrative task to tackle. From
answering comments, moderating and delete spam comments, checking
emails, doing bookkeeping, and others. Admittedly these are the
activities that I enjoy less, but nevertheless have to be done.

In my own experience you should allocate up to 10 percent of your
time for this. As you grow, these are the first few tasks that
you want to outsource.

Where’s my lifestyle business?
By now you should know what to expect as part of building your
blog. It may sound a lot of work because it is. But once you
reach a level, you will be able to leverage your readers to help
you filling content as guest bloggers. You also will have money
to pay others to do administrative tasks.

Don’t forget that as you become well known, you will also get
partnership offers from various places. All of those require
certain amount of work. Well, the type of work will shift from
one thing to another.

So now you know, why you catch the so-called “guru bloggers”
replying to tweets or emails at 2am in the morning?

You can choose not to work as hard if you prefer. The lifestyle
business is still possible if you manage your business right.
Just don’t expect you could manage to do everything your own and
still sit the whole day beside the beach.

A hard truth for some people, but it’s true. And I’d rather tell
it like it is.

An example of traffic blueprint in action
In the next lesson, I’m going to continue where we leave off. You
will see how I approach a traffic strategy, drive traffic through
focus and consistency, and leverage what I’ve built to grow my
business even more.

It will give you an illustration about how to approach traffic
building in real blogs. Best of all, no matter which strategy you
happen to choose, you will definitely be able to adapt it to suit
your need and get visitors to your blog.

That I can guarantee.

Hendry Lee (

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