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Yet if you don’t have a contract you’re selling your business short and may have lots of problems getting paid or getting more work than you thought you would be doing. The first three articles in this lesson explain how to write a Web design contract. The last three are some stories from other freelance Web designers who had contract mishaps. Learn from their mistakes and you’ll be happier.

Writing a Great Web Design Contract

The minimum Web design contract will have just the project description and the price agreed upon. But while that can work as a contract, it can leave you open to many different problems. By creating a contract with these things, you will have a contract that spells out, in detail, exactly what the client wants, what you will give them, by when and for how much.

5 Contract Must Haves for Web Designers

When you get a client for your Web design business, it can be so exciting that your contract ends up somewhat skewed. While there are lots of things you can include in your contract, these are 5 things you should consider whenever you write a contract for Web deisgn work.

Create a Design Brief to Go With Your Contract

When you write a design brief and get it agreed upon by your clients, you ensure that what you are going to build is going to meet the needs and desires of your client. Design briefs take the information you gained from client interviews and turns it into a proposal for your clients to approve. This shows that you know what they want and need and gives them a roadmap detailing how they’re going to get it.

Don’t Make These Mistakes
Contracts are Crucial

Contracts are vital for freelance Web designers as this designer learned the hard way. She was pretty lucky, in that she was able to get some results (like getting the site banned from Google) and so on. But most freelancers aren’t that successful.

Add a Forfeit Clause to Your Contracts

Without a forfeit clause, you can end up working on a site that you had completely forgotten about.

Additional Pain Included Free

We hear over and over about designers who got in trouble because they didn’t get a contract, or didn’t get it in writing. But this designer didn’t make that mistake. Of course, then when the time came to do “just a few small changes”, well, let’s just say that small to a client is not usually small to the designer/developer.

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