Enhancing Your Web Forms

Once you understand the more advanced tags for forms, you can enhance the look using CSS and manipulating the form tags with that. There are also fun ways to use JavaScript to manage and manipulate your forms.

Use CSS to Improve the Look of Your Forms

CSS is a great way to make your forms look better. You can add colors and even shade the background of the text boxes to make your forms match the layout of your site. This article covers both how to make your forms look good and provides examples so you can see the changes in action.

Don’t Forget to Dress Up Your Submit Tags

There are many ways you can provide for customers to submit your forms. The first page of this article discusses the most commonly used methods, and page 2 explains how to use images instead of buttons to make your forms even nicer.

Validate What People Submit to Your Forms

When you validate your forms, you make sure that the data people submit is useful to you. There are many ways to validate forms, and this article discusses two common ways and the pros and cons of each.

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