Dress up your form with Form Tags

Forms can be pretty boring looking. Most designers simply line up the text fields one after the other, or put them in tables. All of which are fine, but you can do more with forms than just slapping the tags up on a page.

There Are Lots of Other Form Tags

The <label> tag helps make your forms more accessible. Plus they become much easier to click on, as when you click on the label, the form field associated with that label gets focus automatically.


The <fieldset> tag lets you group your form elements so that they make more sense on the page. This is especially useful for forms that have more than 7 fields to fill in.


Use the <legend> tag with the <fieldset> tag to add extra defining text to your forms. Fieldsets divide the content into sections, and legends give those sections names.


The <optgroup> tag lets you add labels and groups to your drop-down menus. You put them inside the <select> tags around the different <option> tags in the group.

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