Content is king, or is it?

blog iconYou might wonder why don’t I go straight to the “how to”
information about how to produce content methodologically and quickly.

In fact, some people ask me whenever I explain the why. But rest assured none of these are a waste of time. I have gone through and seen people struggling through the whole blogging process.

Constant struggling is expected
There was a week when they blog very actively, just to find that
they abandoned it for a month or so before coming back to it. You
might be even familiar with such pattern. Others really had hard
times producing content consistently.

Here’s the thing. Content is the utmost critical factor to your
blogging success. Without it, you just don’t exist online. As a
blogger, later I will introduce you to a business model that
revolves around selling your content. So content will soon become
your product too.

You may think that with such use, content has high enough
priority that you will get it done. If you really do, more power
to you. Soon enough you will be able to build a business and add
a whole range of products to your repository and become

For most people, that isn’t the case though. Believe it or not, I
belong to this category too. But overtime I have found a few
tricks that allow me to boost my productivity in content

I will not hold a thing and reveal everything that I know later,
but for now, let’s go into the “why” factor. For now, know that
the struggle will be worth it. It will get easier as you do it.

Life is too short! The “why” factor
You are going to spend several hours per day to engage with this
content production thing, so if you decide to do it, you should
really know the reason behind it so you don’t end up wasting your

Yes, I want you to be proud about your accomplishment. Perhaps
even a few years later, you know whatever you do right now is
part of the blog building strategies. Nothing is wasted.

Content is king?
Perhaps you’ve heard this before. Content is king. Some bloggers
frown upon this. Others nod in agreement.

What makes people think content is overrated? I engaged in this
topic of discussion a few times and found out that people mostly
think so because they have a misconception about the term “king.”

For them, it seems like the word “king” means the most important,
and nothing else matters. It is all and everything or nothing.

How did I know? They said it explicitly even. As in “Content is
not king. You can’t grow a blog just by content. You need
promotion, relationship building, etc., etc.”

See? People like to go to the extreme when they believe in
something. But that is nothing close to the reality. Think about
it for a moment.

If you think of your blog as an empire, and the content is the
king, there should be the queen. In the game of chess, you also
have rooks, knights, bishops, and pawns.

King definitely is only one entity. It’s not everything.

There are other activities that support the empire. Without them,
a blog simply will not make it.

Here’s your content seed, nurture it
Bloggers who are able to grow a strong tree from the seed is
going to win. That doesn’t mean you immediately need to produce
100 blog posts on one sitting.

No one is able to do that. It really works like a seed. First you
plant it on a solid and fertile soil. After that you keep
watering it every day. Nothing might happen, but you believe in

Before you know it, it grows into a big tree.

Content takes time to produce. In fact, consistency is necessary.
It is also an evolution. You can’t just do it and forget it

People who start with the wrong expectation are more likely to
abandon their blog because they simply can’t see it turn into a

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