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Smart WordPress Mobile themes download

WordPress has became a standard for the blog software as well as internet on mobile is becoming more popular. With Tablet PC internet is spreading widly. Now people have started creating WordPress Themes for Mobile Devices / Smart Phones. They can be seeing and navigated much more easily on the smaller screens as well as […]

Admin panel jQuery themes for your software

By Admin Panel themes you can customize appearance of your Admin Panel and even improve the functionality. INADMIN is a new FREE administration panel created by INDEZINER. They help coders and other people that are doing coding and administration panels for web applications to have better productivity and concentrate on functionality. They can use our […]

Designing Your Website

Web design is different from print design, but a lot of the principles of design apply to both media. Like yesterday’s lesson about HTML and CSS, there is way more to Web design than can be covered by one email lesson. This message is meant to get you started on some of the basics and […]

Freelance Web Designer Contracts

Contracts Yet if you don’t have a contract you’re selling your business short and may have lots of problems getting paid or getting more work than you thought you would be doing. The first three articles in this lesson explain how to write a Web design contract. The last three are some stories from other […]

Become a Freelance Web Designer

Pricing If there is one question that I get asked most often by beginning freelancers, it’s “how much should I charge”. Unfortunately, the answer isn’t as straightforward as you might like because it depends a lot upon your skills, the client’s needs, the competitive environment, how much you need to stay afloat, and how much […]

Should You Hire a Designer to design your website or Do It Yourself?

There are pros and cons to either – if you hire a designer, you have to pay them and they may have different ideas about what is important on a website than you do. They know the Web better than you might, but you know your customers better than they do. If you do it […]

Planning for a Small Business Website

Organize Your Website Before you start building you should start by planning. Even if you decide to hire a designer to build your site, you’ll need a plan so that the designer has something to work with. Plans can change, but by building a site plan you know where you want your site to go […]

Web Editors for web site owners

Even if you ultimately plan to hire a professional Web designer to build your pages, having a Web editor and knowing a little about how to edit your Web pages can help if you have a problem. And for once, you don’t have to spend any money. While some of the best editors out there […]

Tool required for Web Designer

There is no reason you can’t become a professional freelance Web designer without knowing any of these skills. But keep them in the back of your mind. Perhaps they are something you’ll think about learning as you’re doing design for your current clients, so that you can expand your business later. JavaScript JavaScript makes Web […]

How to Become a Freelance Web Designer

What’s Required Many freelancers start out by simply building a Web page for their mom or a friend and then figure that they are freelancers. And all they need is a home page that announces their availability and clients will come flocking to their door. Oh, if it were only that easy. If you want […]

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