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Text area word counter using jQuery

Use can use below code to count the words(not words) in a textarea. This is very useful when you put a words limit in text area. User can see how much word are left to write. Total word Count : 0 If you like the post & want to get more then Subscribe our blog […]

jQuery Basics for beginners

jQuery is a fast and concise JavaScript Library that simplifies HTML document traversing, event handling, animating, and Ajax interactions for rapid web development. jQuery is designed to change the way that you write Javascript. Its very lightweight, CSS3 compliant, Cross browser supported script. If its still confusing for you, you can learn the basics of […]

Amazing Jquery Examples – 9lessons Blog maintained by Srinivas Tamada, full of useful information related to jQuery javascript library, Ajax, Javascript, CSS, PHP, Mysql, Java, Open source Technologies, APIs, Programming, Technology & great tips. This blog is very good source of information for beginners as well as for advanced, specially in case of jQuery tutorials. The best thing […]

Javascript Tutorials

[yt]uUhOEj4z8Fo[/yt] Lecture Series on Internet Technologies by Prof. I. Sengupta, Department of Computer Science Engineering, IIT Kharagpur.

Design Tutorial – JQuery Basics

[yt]CcQNKTja9Ig[/yt] In this video, I give you a simple introduction to the JQuery JavaScript library and why it’s so awesome. If you like the post & want to get more then Subscribe our blog posts. Subscribe RSS Feed • Facebook • Twitter • Email

jQuery Tutorial – Animated Hide and Slide Toggle Content Into View

[yt]CGhlyAZsezk[/yt] Learn to use the jQuery library and animate hidden content into view using a toggle element. Much like YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter use all over their websites. If you like the post & want to get more then Subscribe our blog posts. Subscribe RSS Feed • Facebook • Twitter • Email

Javascript and jQuery

[yt]GKfHdOrR3lw[/yt] JavaScript is a misunderstood language. While it, seemingly, doesn’t contain the libraries or abstraction of Java or the terse flexibility of Scheme, it offers serious advantages to skilled developers. Combining a functional style with prototypal inheritance JavaScript is arguably the most widely deployed language of either type. Considering that virtually every computer user has […]

jQuery Tutorials

jQuery is a JavaScript library that stands out among its competitors because it is faster, focuses on writing less code, and is very extensible. In this talk, I will explore jQuery and how to use it. I will start off talking about the basics of using jQuery. Then, I will talk about building plugins. Finally, […]

Introduction to JavaScript and Browser DOM

[yt]ljNi8nS5TtQ[/yt] Presented by Misko Hevery. If you are new to JavaScript and would like to understand how JavaScript works behind the scenes, than this talk is for you. We will look at the core philosophy behind JavaScript objects and how the primitives can be used to build up basic OO concepts such as Classes and […]

Javascript Tutorial – Speed Up Your JavaScript

[yt]mHtdZgou0qU[/yt] Web Exponents: Speed Up Your JavaScript Presented by Nicholas C. Zakas. As an interpreted language, JavaScript is filled with hidden performance issues that conspire to slow down your code and ruin the user experience. Learn exactly what is fast, what is slow, and what you can do to squeeze that last bit of performance […]

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