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Mozilla Launches Firefox 4 – Whats new for you

Mozilla has released much awaited Firefox 4 version. Its incredibly fast, secure, loads pages & graphics faster. Mozilla has now mainly concentrated on user friendliness. The tabs are arranged on the top to focus on the site content. Menu items are combined in a single button on the left. Home button is rearranged in the […]

iPad2 launched – Should I upgrade?

As expected, Apple launched the second generation iPad in an event in San Francisco. [yt]Z_d6_gbb90I[/yt] So whats for you in next generation iPad: Lot thinner and lighter Faster processor Delivers 10 hours of battery life Two cameras – one for video calling and other for recording video Two colors – black and white Brilliant device […]

Get Ready, Facebook Phones Are Coming

Is the Facebook phone coming? At the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona today, Mark Zuckerberg said Facebook won’t release a single phone but will instead “help roll out dozens of phones with ‘much deeper social integration than we have so far’” (via LA Times Technology). HTC has just rolled out two of these phones, which […]

Where To Change Facebook Application Settings

Facebook likes changes, and it always changes whether you like or not. Some times facebook application posted some unwanted message on your wall, also these apps have the permission to use your data & you are totally unaware of that. One uncomfortable change for me is that Facebook remove the Application Settings item in the […]

Internet Technology News

Google Adds 2-factor Authentication Option for Improved Acco InformationWeek and others are reporting that Google has decided to provide users with the option to add 2-factor authentication to their Google Gmail and other Google-based… Read more My iPhone-controlled Home Security System Adventure – Day 1 As some of you may remember, a few weeks ago, […]

Valentines Day Gadgets Gifts

Looking for an unusual Valentine Day Gift idea? These unique valentine’s day gift ideas are perfect for engaged couples, married people and those just dating. 3D Flashing TShirt (Rs 1250) These cool tshirts have an LED panel with designs that light-up in time with the beats of sounds around you. See Video Above! And choose […]

5 Facebook safety Tips

These days, Facebook may be the single best way online to keep in touch with friends, associates, far-flung family members, and people with similar interests. But if you’re not careful, it’s probably also the site most likely to get you into trouble. Virtually every week, there’s another news report about employers using Facebook to evaluate […]

Latest Internet News December

Report: Yahoo to lay off 600-700 workers To the surprise of absolutely no one, Yahoo will lay off between 600 and 700 employees, perhaps as early as Tuesday. This represents about 5 percent of the struggling Internet company’s… (Full article at ITworld) Google online search adverts ‘dominant’, says France Internet giant Google holds a dominant […]

Latest Internet News

Google close to a deal with Miramax? – Online giant Google is said to be engaged in talks with the would-be owners of Miramax studios, hoping to break a deal that could see the company gain digital rights to the studio’s archives. (Full article at Facebook has 25% of all Internet pageviews – Time […]

Latest Internet World News

Facebook Debuts New Messaging ServiceFacebook unveiled a new email-based messaging based service to its 500 million users, putting it in more directo competition with established giants Yahoo! and Google. (Full article at International Business Times) Baidu Struggled in China, Too Google failed in China because it did not understand the Chinese Internet market, not because […]

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