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5 Top Traffic Sources For Your Site

I believe if you asked any webmaster or online marketer what their most important aspect of running a site would be, you would get an answer that’s some way related to traffic. Mainly because traffic is your site’s lifeblood, actually without traffic you really don’t have a site at all. Traffic is king. Traffic brings […]

Analyze Your Website Traffic

Analyzing and inspecting your website traffic statistics can be a very helpful tool for a variety of reasons. However, before you take advantage of this particular tool, you must understand how you can interpret the information. The majority of web hosting companies provides you with basic website traffic information that you simply then need to […]

Ten Steps To Build Credibility With Your Followers

What is credibility? According to the dictionary it means; “The quality, capability, or power to elicit belief.” In short, it means my ability to convey to my followers that I am a truthful and honest guy. You can trust and believe what I say. How do I get you, my readers to believe this about […]

Who Are Google Instant’s Golden Winners?

Google’s new Instant real time search has sent massive shock waves through the online SEO and search engine market community. If you’re a webmaster or an online marketer you’re probably checking your stats/traffic/conversion numbers like never before – Google sure knows how to make everyone dance! None of this would matter if Google wasn’t the […]

Repetition is the Key to Brand Development

Online brand development starts with the decision of what is the most appropriate identity for you and/or your business. The next logical step is to establish how to brand the identity you have chosen in a way that is effective and in alignment with what it is you do. Quite often the best approach is […]

WordPress Blog Update Services

Update services are basically websites which maintain a list of all the current weblog updates in different areas. When you make a post, WordPress will ping these websites to inform them that you have updated your blog. Doing this will make your blog more social and also get you additional traffic through these update services. […]

Google Instant : Implications For SEO & Internet Marketing

While reading Harry McCracken’s rather insightful article on Google Instant in PCWorld, I was reminded once again, how narrowly focused my own thinking has become in regards to Google. I keep forgetting, not everyone is into SEO or Internet Marketing (lucky dogs), and that Google search has a function outside of SEO. keep forgetting that […]

Link Building – Do It Right Or Don’t Do It At All

Link building is a tricky deal. Links may either shoot up your website popularity or raise red flags with search engines standards and make your site slide down in search results. But why is it that link building cuts both ends when it comes to website optimization and what’s the point behind it all? Years […]

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