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Blog checklist, get it ready before launch!

So if you’ve been following along, by now you have a blog up and running. You’ve also played with a few WordPress plugins and enhance your site. You’re pretty close to launch. If you’re like most of us, you feel something is missing but don’t know what it is. Don’t worry though, it happens to […]

Blogging – Trying to run before you walk?

Imagine clicking on a random blog from Google. Now you see a good-looking blog with a catchy title, so you begin reading. But there’s this little icon with a bit of animation on the top right hand corner of the screen. So you glimpse… It says “3 readers” Know what I refer to? If you […]

20 Eye catching wordpress themes

WorldPress has become the world’s most popular blog platform. There are new resources released daily for WordPress like plugins, themes and code snippets. Since it is a free platform people that use it currently try to get it better and better and new changes are released for everyone to see and update their site. […] – Programmers Planet [Have fun n learn]

If you are a programmer & wasting your 8 hrs daily in doing coding then you are welcome at Programmers Planet. if(Come) { if(Join) { Have Fun & also Learn } } If you like the post & want to get more then Subscribe our blog posts. Subscribe RSS Feed • Facebook […]

Here’s your blog traffic blueprint (part 2)

Today’s lesson picks up where it left off. So I’ve talked about how you should plan and approach your traffic building strategies. Pick your own battle and build the whole thing around it. You will get more from less. As I’m writing this, the myriad number of choices confuse me. I want to give a […]

Here’s your blog traffic blueprint (part 1)

Never start a traffic campaign with every strategies you know exist. PR, for instance, is a full-time work. I’m amazed why people think as if they can beat a professional PR agency who have spent decades of doing this by reading an e-book about the topic. Worst of all, they spend half an hour in […]

Content is king, or is it?

You might wonder why don’t I go straight to the “how to” information about how to produce content methodologically and quickly. In fact, some people ask me whenever I explain the why. But rest assured none of these are a waste of time. I have gone through and seen people struggling through the whole blogging […]

Who owns your blog?

A bit unusual question, eh? Of course, you own your blog. Or do you? Before giving you some food for thought, let us review what you have learned so far. You started by setting the right expectations. The whole mindset thing. Some people hate it, but it is utmost critical for the success of your […]

Your traffic plan – article marketing

I’ve brought up article marketing a few times during the course. Not only because it is simple but also very effective. If you follow the plan carefully, it is a guarantee that you will get qualified traffic from this strategy alone. As an article marketer with thousands of articles distributed across the web, I rely […]

Blogging – Work less, produce more?

Blogging is fun and who doesn’t want to do it full time, right? Think about it for a moment. That was exactly my thought. Around that time, a lot of tactics and strategies have not been invented. However, there were already a few role models to follow. Most of them churned out 3-6 blog posts […]

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