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If there is one question that I get asked most often by beginning freelancers, it’s “how much should I charge”. Unfortunately, the answer isn’t as straightforward as you might like because it depends a lot upon your skills, the client’s needs, the competitive environment, how much you need to stay afloat, and how much your client is willing to pay.

Rather than worrying about whether you’re charging too much or too little or otherwise comparing yourself to other Web designers, you should look at it from a business standpoint. In other words: how much do you need to be making? By looking at the bottom line for your business you can determine a rate (hourly, per project, sliding-scale or whatever) that will work for you. If you find that that price is too high to attract clients, you’ll know you have two choices: 1. quit or 2. (the better one) change your marketing or your offerings to better fit in with your prices.

Believe me when I say that unless your expenses are along the lines of “champagne and caviar”, there is probably a client-base out there that will pay what you’re charging as long as you provide the value for the money. I know designers who have done jobs for an hourly rate of more than $500 per hour, yet many beginning designers work for free or virtually free.

The only advice I would give (beyond the links below) is to not sell yourself short. But if you’re brand new to Web design, don’t expect to be paid on the high end of the scale.

Flat-Rate vs. Hourly Billing

Deciding whether to charge a flat rate or an hourly fee is an individual designer’s dilemma. This article discusses the pros and cons of each method so that you can make a decision that works best for your business.

How to Decide on a Fair Hourly Rate for Web Design Work

Coming up with an hourly rate for your Web design work can be intimidating. But with this formula, you will have a rate that is both realistic and honest and will allow you to both cover your costs and make a profit.

What Pricing Structure Should I Use?

Deciding how to price a Web project can be scary for the new freelancer. You don’t want to charge so much that potential clients are scared away, but you don’t want to charge so little that you don’t meet your expenses. This Guide will give you suggestions for how to set up a pricing structure for your business.

How to Set a Price for Web Design Work

Web design pricing is a hot issue for new designers – learn how to set your web design prices and charge your customers reasonable and fair rates and fees for web design work.

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