Basics of Web Design

There are some rules you need to follow if you’re going to be a great Web designer. The primary one is to remember that the Web is not paper. If you’re designing for paper, then you’re not a Web designer. Another important thing to remember is to be flexible. There is virtually no way to insure that your pages will look “perfect” no matter who views them, so take a deep breath and get over it. Learn to design so that your pages look good, instead.

The Web is Not Print

As I said above, the Web is not print. Why do so many designers insist on treating it so?

Is Your Site Cool?

Coolness is overrated. In fact, I’m opposed to creating designs that are cool. For one thing, what’s cool today is passé tomorrow. Desingning “cool” sites guarantees that your site will be ugly and annoying in a short time.

How to Drive Away Your Readers

If you still don’t believe me about coolness, check out these suggestions. They were all considered cool by someone, often just a short time ago. Now they just drive people crazy.

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